1. peace, dudes.

    god my hands are big.

  2. Christos anesti losers!

  3. Happy easter, my lovely followers! have some matte pastel easter eggs on white.

  4. Class it up by toning it down.

  5. I love tweety bird :)

  6. A list of things I love:

    *White designs on dark colors

    *nail polishes names “cupcakes and unicorns”



  7. Hmm… Nope.

  8. Print inspired by this Betsey Johnson swimsuit from dillards. soooo cute!

    Lovely blue roses on white inspired by this lovely swimsuit from dillards. Happy Greek Independence day!

  9. Sally Hansen chic pink from the satin glam line. This is unlike any other polish I have, and its not something I would normally have picked up, but I like it a lot.

  10. lil leprechaun dude wants all of you lovelies to have a great st pattys day!

  11. Mani inspiration from the lovely miss Lilly P! I thought this print was soo springy.

  12. Textured glitter stars (using zoya cosmo) over mint for the start of spring break!!!

  13. Mardi Gras! Super glittery and blingy and fun.

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