1. Halloweeennn is coming!

  2. Note to future self:
    Next time you plan to do any weeding, maybe photograph your Mani first. This is after washing lots of dishes and a shower.

  3. It’s October again, guys!

  4. Friendly reminder that China Glaze’s glitz n pieces exists and is still rad.

  5. Patriot day at school.

  6. Super girly nails with Revlon’s cafe pink and girly.

  7. Pink to orange color shift of sally Hansen’s lava.

  8. The subtlest of subtle accent nails for open house.

  9. Not too terrible tip wear after 5 days of wearing this professional Mani :) its a dusty rose with mini iridescent glitter on the accent nail.

  10. Gray with silver holo multi sized glitter isn’t particularly UNprofessional, is it? I think thats what I’ll be going for in my student teaching… Not particularly unprofessional. Lololololol

  11. From here on, I’m going to be starting a very exciting new chapter of my life- the professional one. I’ll be doing orientations and then my student teaching this semester- so look forward to lots of grown up Manis. I’ll still do fun stuff over long weekends and for holidays. Love you guys!

  12. Nails for the wedding that match my dress and shoes.

  13. I couldnt decide how to do my nails for the baby shower this weekend, so I just tried to match the wrapping paper I used for the present lol.

  14. Blinged out fourth of july fishtail nails. :)

  15. new loves! this is maybelline color show in diamond in the rough (with flakies!!),  taupe on trend, and sinful in pride. love em!

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